February Recap/March Announcement

by Norwich Bottle Share

Jesus, February is almost over which only means that Bottle Share Thursday is right round the corner.

First up, a quick recap.

Thank you to everyone who attended our last event, we had another good night with new faces and great beers.

Now, I’m not going to write about all the beers as time is of the essence however some of our highlights are:B9GwK4cIYAAzv14

Evil Cousin by Heretic Brewing Co. Hailing from California and clocking in at 8% ABV, this west coast double IPA was very malt driven with a mixed aroma of dank, juicy citrus hops and light piney hops.


Next up is The Tickle Monster by Siren & To Ol. Wow, just wow. All of the mangoes, all up in your grill. The triple IPA Tickle Monster tickled it’s way down our taste buds. Incredibly drinkable for a 12% Monster.


No stranger to our bottle shares is Struise and this time round we were treated with Black Damnation IV – Coffee Club. Take the excellent Black Albert, aged for 6 months in rum casks and this beast of a beer was born. Massive flavours of rum and raisin with a deep coffee background. I had dreams about this beast.

Now, let’s talk March!

Our next event will be held March 5th, where we’ll be returning to The Plasterers for another open ended bottle share. We could of done with a theme for this one, however I (Jay) left the announcement a bit late. My bad.

Anyway, 6:30pm, Plasterers Arms, see you there.