Christmas Bottle Share 2014 Announcement

by Norwich Bottle Share

Hello there!

I know this post is a bit late, probably by a week, but busy business sometimes always gets in the way sadly.

Anyway, it’s December, as most of you will know by the fact that there are loads of flashing lights all over the city centre and people’s houses, as well as the fact that you’re likely to spend your entire lunchtime queuing just to buy a metre of tinsel.

So the obvious thing to do was to put a Christmas theme on it, but to be honest, we’re not so bothered about that really. Christmas beers, as we’ve found, are largely the same regardless of who brews it – spices and stuff in some form of Ruby Ale.

Just basically bring some delicious beer to The Plasterers Arms in Norwich for around 6:30/7pm on Thursday 4th December.

Bonus points for wearing a Christmas jumper.