August Bottle Share – The Sensible Edition

by Norwich Bottle Share

Oh dear, I’ve been bad again… I’ve been so busy that I’ve neglected Norwich Bottle Share blog and I’m sorry.

With just over a week to go until the next edition, I figure I best announce it…

The next edition, for the first time ever is going to be at The Reindeer on Dereham Road in Norwich from around 7pm next Thursday (7th August). The Reindeer is yet another of our favourite Norwich pubs as it has a brilliant selection of beers on cask and keg (probably the only place in Norwich to always have a Magic Rock beer) as well as the fact that it has a beer garden!

That’s right, that’s another first… with a bit of luck that the weather stays amazing we’ll be having our first ever Open Air Norwich Bottle Share!

For this bottle share we have decided that you must bring a beer that has an ABV of 5% OR BELOW!

We decided upon this because last time at our Belgian Bottle Share we didn’t have a single beer under 6.5% so we figured it’d be fun to see what interesting beers we can get that have a fairly modest ABV.

So on Thursday 7th August at around 6:30pm bring a bottle or two to The Reindeer and let’s have a very sensible edition of Norwich Bottle Share for a change!