July Bottle Share – The Belgian Edition

by Norwich Bottle Share

Apologies for the lack of updates recently, but I (Nate) wasn’t at part two of our City of Ale Bottle Share due to not drinking for a week (shocking I know) so obviously I couldn’t write about it, and Jay has been incredibly busy so hasn’t had a chance to either.

I figured I’d announce our next Bottle Share which is going to be at The Plasterers in Norwich at 6:30pm on Thursday 3rd July and will focus on Belgian Beers.

Belgium is such a wonderful and diverse country for beer. They brew every from crisp and refreshing pilsners, to dark and decadent dubbels, to lip puckeringly sour lambics and gueuzes. I think it’s fair to say that the Belgians have a beer to suit everyone’s palate.

While we’ve previously featured Belgian beers at various bottle shares, this is the first time we’ve dedicated a whole night to them. It’s about time, really, considering Belgian beers are so easy to get hold of in Norwich.

The best place in Norwich to go to buy Belgian beers to bring to our bottle share is Get A Round on Dereham Road in Norwich, right near KFC. They have a rather large range of old favourites and ones you may not have heard of!

So, on Thursday 3rd July, bring a couple of bottles of the same beer to The Plasterers from around 6:30pm (don’t worry if you’re a bit late – we’re useless and never start on time) and get involved… discover something new!

See you there!